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Reuben Varghese

Senior year CSE undergrad at VIT University. Open to opportunities that involve the application of computer science to projects aimed at improving healthcare. Currently have experience with medical image analysis and Open-Source Electronic health record systems.

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My Research
My Career

New York University

Masters in Computer Science

August 2019 - May 2021


Appointed as the release manager for the official release of the next version of OpenMRS Reference Application

July 2018 - October 2018
Release Manager

Red Hat, Inc.

Working with the CloudForms Management Engine(CFME) team at RedHat Pune, India.
Working on end to end testing of ManageIQ cloud management platform.

May 2018 - July 2018
Summer Intern

Google Code-In

Mentored the students who did tasks under OpenMRS. Also did a number of code reviews and CI checks.Google Code-In is a contest introducing 13-17 year old pre-university students to open source software development.

December 2017 - January 2018
Google Code-In Mentor


Software developer and OpenMRS AddOns maintainer at OpenMRS.

December 2016 - Current
Dev 3 software devloper

Google Summer of Code

Worked with some of the leading researchers in the field of medicine from research institutes like Regenstrief Institute, Partners In Health.
Developed the official module repository for OpenMRS that replaced the older module repository with a completely automized index. Devised a Spring-Boot application and designed many Rest APIs which populate the UI. The Rest APIs are also being leveraged by a number of OpenMRS developers and implementers. OpenMRS modules were also migrated to Bintray for automatic module deployment. The production server may be accessed here.

May 2017 - Sep 2017
Student Developer


Developed 2 apps for an Australian client(Identity withheld for privacy reasons):
1)Cyclone Taxi Android app: Designed an android app which served a dual purpose. It served a different set ofviews when it detects a user login and different set of views when a driver logs in. It also allowed users tocreate/cancel bookings ,view/track the driver location. It helped the driver to accept bookings and charge thecustomer a fixed rate. Utilized libraries like Volley and Retrofit for parsing Json data from the server. This datawas then inflated into the UI.
2)Cyclone Taxi web app: Devised the Cyclone web app for a client from Australia.Implemented with PHP ,Mysql, Jquery, Bootstrap-V3. Also helped the client deploy the app on multiple test servers. The web app acts asboth the server for the Android app data and also as a web client app.

November 2015 - February 2016
Freelance developer

Technocrats Robotics

Technocrats is VIT's official robotics team.The team takes part each year in the Asia Pacific robotics competition Robocon that brings technical enthusiasts from all over Asia together under one roof for competing to achieve the task given by each year’s problem statement.This competition has helped me push my limits and improve the design of our robots each year to have high precision and speed.

October,2015 - May,2016
Lead programmer

VIT University

Bachelor of Technology from VIT University. Majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. Currently in the junior year of my degree.

June 2015 - May 2019

Google Code-In

Google's contest introducing 13-17 year old pre-university students to open source software development.

December 2014
Google Code-In Participant
My Skills
My Projects
Project Image

CHAI - A deeplearning based chatbot

Created a retrieval based chatbot using the Ubuntu dataset. This dataset was first tokenized using NLTK and then trained using Tensorflow. The bot is quite successful at capturing the semantics too! We used the Seq2Seq model for training the bot as it is one of best models in the industry currently for most sequence learning problems.

Project Image

OpenMRS Add-Ons

Developed the official module repository for OpenMRS. Replaced the older module repository with acompletely Automatic index which therefore requires very little maintenance as opposed to the olderrepository which involved a lot of manual labour. Devised a Spring-Boot application and designed manyRest APIs which populate the UI. The Rest APIs are also being leveraged by the huge number of OpenMRS developers and implement. OpenMRS modules were also migrated to Bintray for automaticmodule deployment.

...   ...
Project Image

IdentiCam - A deep learning based solution to identify the camera from which an image was taken

Worked on a project to find the camera from which an image was taken using deep learning. Different vision models were trained using the dateset which consisted of more than 10000 images along with their respective camera names.

Project Image

Equilibrium - A Custom CPU governor for Android OS based on Hotplug

Developed a custom CPU governor which tried to achieve a good mid point between battery conservation and CPU performance. Specifically, for this project , we used a ”Google Nexus 5” running on android 6.0 with kernel compiled from source but this project can be extended to any Android smartphone.

Project Image

Ujala - An Energy efficient complete automation of appliances

Controlling of home appliances from anywhere using Adafruit HUZZAH Esp8266(In built wifi module and microcontroller) for connecting to Arest cloud and transmitting data and Relay for controlling the appliance. Also built an android app for the same.

Project Image

Optiplant - An optimal plant growth solution using IoT

India is a land that primarily generates its GDP from agriculture. Each year many crops go waste due to neglect and excess/lack of optimal conditions. We created a low-cost IOT solution with an android app to track the state of the crop and thereby tackle this issue. In this way, we can almost imagine this as giving the plant a chance to communicate with it’s owner.

Project Image

Price comparator website using Django

Created a Django web app which basically took in a product name and scraped the most recommended product details from Amazon.com, Amazon.in and Shopclues.com. We used web scraping techniques in python to fetch this info. The project used Django to link between the python backend and the UI.

Project Image

VIT Research Portal

Each year, VIT publishes over 2000 research papers. It is a need of the hour for such a university to have a central location for storing all these papers. VIT Research Portal is a hub where all VIT Research papers will be uploaded. It is implemented using PHP ,Materialize CSS Framework, MySql for database creation and access.

Project Image

PITCH Android App - Design your own app with no prior programming knowledge!

Got an event to organize? Use Pitch to publicize your app by using the inbuilt templates.The thereby produced app will then generate a child app which can be shared. Currently working on Front end design along with 3 other Android Developers.

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