7 May 2017

Gsoc @ OpenMRS (Finally!!)


Gsoc @ OpenMRS (Finally!!)

It was the 4th of May , 9:20 pm IST. I open my GSoC dashboard hoping to see a screen that told me I was selected.

It was at this time that my heart started beating rapidly as I had put in countless hours working towards this goal. Although I had learned quite a lot in the process , not being selected would have been a disappointment. I almost could not take the anxiety caused in those final 10 mins before the result were declared. During this period I had a flashback of the 5 months which were filled with sleepless nights. All this while I had just one thought in mind and that was to get selected for GSoC. During the past 5 months, I had transitioned from a beginner at OpenMRS to one of the prominent members . I met a bunch of wonderful set of people who were passionate about the work they did and wholly believed in the organisations’s motto

“Write Code, Save Lives”

I began to understand the importance of open source in today’s world and that we would be running many years behind in terms of today’s technology if it were not for open source. It is a wonderful thing to think that all the many million people are working together for the benefit of each and everyone of us. This is indeed the true spirit of humanity!

Fast forward those 10 mins and on the next refresh , I get to see this screen.

The screen that confirmed my selection for GSoC 2017 :)

One look at the screen and I knew I was selected for GSoC 2017 !

I was extremely overjoyed to think that my hard-work ultimately did pay off!

Fast forward today, I am writing my first blog which is part of a series of blogs which will describe my time doing GSoC @ OpenMRS. Hope to have a wonderful summer ahead!