19 Jun 2017

GSoC'17: WEEK -3 Updates [15th June — 22th June]


Yet another week into Gsoc @ OpenMRS and things and the fun just keeps increasing! I get to learn new things , implement things in a smart way as opposed to the conventional way.

This week I had 2 tasks:
a) Improved Tagging support

b) Display compatibility of the module with current installed OpenMRS version

Unfortunately out of the above 2 tasks , I am still working of the 2nd task so I guess I can say that this week’s work wasn’t as per my expectations.

Anyway moving on to the updates of last week, I succesfully implemented the tagging mechanism. Now, a user can click on a tag and all modules with that tag will get grouped together.

How did I go about it?

Firstly, I created the Rest API for it using spring . I also created a mapping for this api.

After this, I created the UI for handling the info received from the API . I also made the tags clickable. On clicking the tag, basically the UI calls the Rest API which returns the data i.e. the list of modules with same tag. This data is then inflated into the UI with the help of React router which does the job of connecting the front end to the back end.


Fig 1: Clickable tag as seen in the grey label

Fig 2: List of modules with the tag: “form-entry”


Not a very productive week Gsoc @OpenMRS, but optimistic about week 4!