11 Jul 2017

GSoC'17: WEEK -6 Updates [11th July — 18th July]


6 weeks into Gsoc and I still learn new things each week! So this week was all about modifying my previous commits as per my mentor’s feedback on my Pull Requests. This week , I also learned as to how to place code where and as to how to write unit tests for Spring applications(I did know how to write them even before but I needed to know the difference between a unit test and an Integration test) . I also had a call with my mentor which was indeed very productive.

Next week I will be focusing on using the Bintray rest API to fetch details like download counts etc . Since we have finally migrated all OpenMRS modules to Bintray(Thanks to Rafal :)), we will sl0wly migrate from OpenMRS modulus to Bintray. Hopefully this process will be smooth.

I was also a bit busy as I had to pack my bags and move back to college for the next semester so basically that marked an end of my summer vacations :(

I look forward to the next week as we have a lot in store. So , on to week 7 with Gsoc@OpenMRS !