18 Jul 2017

GSoC'17: WEEK -7 Updates [19th July — 26th July]


This week was all about writing tests for my previously commited work. I also had to make some changes in the UI workflow as pointed out by my mentor Darius. I was initially really stuck at some places because I really couldn’t figure everything out from the documentation available online.

I am also a newbie when it comes to testing and hence had to take some time off to understand the meaning and usage of the different testing tools out there for java. My mentor asked me to stick to Spring based testing as far as possible and that was a greater challenge for me as it make finding relevant examples all the more tougher. None the less, although it took me some time, I can proudly say at the end of this week that I have been successful in creating tests for my use case. Technically speaking, I should’ve followed the TDD approach as pointed out by my mentor and will keep that in mind for future changes.

I also improved the UI . The select option is now disabled if there are no module versions which support the User given OpenMRS Core version.

All in all, this week can be summarised as productive but not really the best when it comes to efficiency( can be attributed to the fact that my college has reopened and hence it took me time to settle in). I hope to speed up the work the coming week. On to week 8 with Gsoc @ OpenMRS!