9 Aug 2017

GSoC'17: Week-10 Updates [4th August— 11th August]


This is the tenth week of gsoc and I still am enjoying every moment of it ☺.

This week’s task was to get a previous feature to work as per comments received from my mentor. I also had to create new rest end points so that the developer who may want to use the even is given more flexibility in his choice of parameters. The PR is still under review.

I am also working on OpenMRS platform select. I have successfully migrated all the modules to now use Bintray as the primary source for module downloads instead of Modulus.

I the platform select feature, I am on the lookout for a good way to pass props from parent to {this.props.children} without using redux or flux. Fortunately, I came across React.child. Now I am able to pass the params easily. Currently, I am trying to fix some bugs with this feature.

In the meantime I have also started look at ideas for implementing the comments feature.

Hopefully the coming week is much more productive.

Unfortunately I do not have much to speak of because I have already spoken about this issue in a previous video .

You may view the video here : https://goo.gl/7tWMMm